Spreading a little Christmas Cheer with Scandinavian Inspired Sock Gnomes

BY Rachel Codrington-Hopkins

It’s not going to be quite the Christmas many of us were hoping for, but there’s still plenty of Christmas cheer to be found, so pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, (better make it a hot chocolate for the kids), dig out some Christmas socks and let’s get crafting to make these cute little Christmas sock gnomes. 

Just make sure there are no holes in your socks; that would be a terrible mistake to make!  Thank you very much to Arkela from our local cubs group for the inspiration for this week’s quick Christmas craft.

You will need:

A Christmas patterned sock

500g of rice (give or take, depending on the size of your sock)

Cotton wool

Small length of wire or a hair band or elastic band

Cotton wool balls

Pom-Poms (optional)



A glue gun or good quality adhesive

Christmas craft ideas

What to do:

Fill your sock with the rice making sure you get a good bit of weight in there.  Push it all down to get a nice and plump rice ball (this bit was curiously satisfying).  

Twist the top of the sock a couple of times to make you rice ball nice and tight then secure with a length of wire, a hair band or an elastic band.

Christmas craft ideas

Make your gnomes hat by cutting a semi-circle shape from an A4 piece of card and fold it into a cone shape, securing with glue.  

Christmas craft ideas

Stick a ball of cotton wool to the top of the hat using glue

Use the cotton wool to shape a fluffy beard and stick a cotton wool ball or giant pom-pom to the beard for the nose.  

Stick the nose and beard to the sock gnome using glue

Stick pom-poms or whatever other decorations take your fancy to the gnome’s hat.

Christmas craft ideas


We’ve called our gnome Godfrey (sorry Dad, the kids said he looks like a Godfrey; I can’t see the likeness myself, honest) and he’s taken his place next to the other crafts surrounding our fireplace of Christmas creations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of quick Christmas crafts, we’ve certainly enjoyed creating them to share with you.  Whether you’re at home for Christmas day or visiting much missed family and friends, we hope you have a wonderful time. 

Merry Christmas.

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  • Linda Codrington

    Will have to give it a go and make my very own Godfrey 👍😊. Brilliant

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