Seasonal Crafts: Capturing Christmas in a jar

BY Rachel Codrington-Hopkins

It’s the time of year when we start thinking about dusting off our Christmas decorations. There’s just one problem in our house; we’re pretty much living on a building site. Breaking out our sentimental ornaments will leave them more covered in dust than the current box they inhabit and likely prone to breakage.

Still, it would be nice to infuse our home with a bit of Christmas spirit, so we’re going to be exploring some quick and easy craft ideas over the next few weeks to help usher the Christmas spirit into our hearts and homes.

We came across some empty glass jars whilst clearing out the kitchen cupboards. Feeling inspired by some decorations on display at our local supermarket, we decided to create a little piece of Christmas in a jar (or vase, bowl or bottle; whatever you have to hand).

This project was easy but really satisfying for me and the kids as the end product is so beautiful.

Normally we would head to the local garden centre to find some suitable foliage but decided to see what we could find outside. A blue pine tree in our garden gave some lovely foliage. We were at a loss for red berries though, so headed out and about to find some.

After spotting me surreptitiously taking cuttings from a roadside hedge, my bemused friend kindly offered to let me take some cuttings from a beautiful holly tree in her garden. The funny thing is, we can’t seem to stop seeing red berries when we’re out for a walk now, there’s an abundance of them in hedgerows and on trees.

The only thing we needed to buy for this project was a pack of mini battery operated LED jar lights, purchased online. We chose lights with a copper wire as the warmth of the copper worked well with the Christmas theme.

We gathered some white stones from our driveway, pine cones left over from our Halloween wreath project and our holly cuttings with berries and layered them into a jar with some fairy lights (take care with little fingers on that prickly holly). 

Christmas craft ideas

There’s all sorts of Christmas foliage you could add to your jar; try mistletoe or eucalyptus. None to hand? How about an orange or a cinnamon stick, maybe some dried fruit or a gingerbread man? Have a look around your home and see what calls to your Christmas spirit, then pop it in the jar. We tied a ribbon around the top for a little extra flourish.

Christmas craft ideas

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Our jar has taken pride of place on the mantelpiece and when the renovations get a bit too much we can switch on the fairy lights and let our little jar of Christmas lift our spirits.

Have fun capturing your Christmas!

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