At Home with Tillyanna this Easter

We’ve got bunny fever here at Tillyanna, so we’re bringing you some quick and easy ideas to give your Easter an extra bit of sparkle.
How about some bunny shaped pancakes for breakfast? My children had great fun making these, and even more fun eating them. We used a recipe for scotch pancakes and made pancakes of various sizes for the head, body and ears. 
The tail is a marshmallow (extra yum) and we placed banana slices and blueberries on the feet, plus some strawberry slices on the ears.  
We’ve also been busy exploring the curious properties of vegetables and spices.  Did you know they can be used to make dyes?  I was thinking back to my childhood Easter’s and how I used to decorate hardboiled eggs with my Nana. 
I wanted to do something similar with my children and these homemade, natural egg dyes seemed perfect. Never before have we looked at a red cabbage with such wonder.  We’re in love with the pastel and earthy hues created by these dyes, which give a rustic, natural look. 
We hardboiled some white shelled eggs and while we left them we made the dyes, using red cabbage, blueberries, beetroot, saffron, red wine and coffee.
Here’s how:
For the red wine and coffee simply place a hardboiled egg in a glass of wine or a cooled cup of strong black coffee and leave overnight.
For the fruit, vegetables and spices, simmer each ingredient in an individual pot with 2 cups of water and 2tbsp of white vinegar.  Once the water has turned a lovely colour (the red cabbage turns a beautiful purple), sieve it over a bowl to collect the dyed water, allow it to cool and then leave a hardboiled egg to soak in it overnight.
The blueberries gave a lovely deep blue hue, the red cabbage a light blue, the beetroot gave a beige tint, saffron turned the egg a lovely light yellow, the coffee gave a marbled brown effect and the red wine gave a gorgeous deep purple that sparkles in the light.
They make a great table centre piece, or scatter them around your home or garden as part of your Easter egg hunt.
No Tillyanna Easter would be complete without grabbing one of our beautiful Tillyanna rabbit treat bags and following in the pawprints of the Easter bunny in search of chocolate eggs. 
When the eggs have been demolished, an afternoon walk in the fresh country air to work them off and build up an appetite for dinner seems in order.
We hope we’ve sparked some ideas to help you get a little creative with your family or friends this Easter. Even if you do nothing more than spend some quality time with your loved ones, we hope you enjoy the long weekend together.
From my family to yours, Happy Easter! 
BY Rachel Codrington-Hopkins


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