A quick Christmas craft idea: Santa Logs

BY Rachel Codrington-Hopkins

With our ongoing renovations we’re not going to have space to put up a Christmas tree this year, but by a happy accident we seem to have created a little Christmas haven around the fireplace in our living room, (probably because this is one of the few areas which remains undisturbed).

We don’t have an available table to craft on right now so we’ve designated a blanket on the floor of our living room as our crafting space.  Every evening there’s a little ritual of lighting the log burner (well it’s my ritual really, I’m not sure the children notice that much) and settling down to do some crafts.  This week we’ve made some Santa logs to sit on the fireplace.

You will need:

A log

Red and white paint and paintbrushes (or good quality colouring pens or markers)

Black marker pen

A small pebble

We found some suitably rotund logs in the woodshed, gave them a dusting off and set to work.  We used red paint for the hat, white paint for the beard and a black marker for the eyes; the finishing touch was a pebble placed in the centre for the nose.  My son went his own way and drew some snowmen on his log using a black marker pen.  

Christmas Craft Ideas

This one really is a quick craft as I think we were done in about ten minutes, but the logs look really effective next to the fire.  We’re fast filling up our fireplace with all things Christmassy and it’s become my anchor point amidst the chaos.  

I love settling down in front of the fire with a cuppa in the evening.  If I look to the left I can see exposed brickwork and plasterboard; if I look to the right I can see a big pile of rubble; but if I look straight ahead I can see our Christmas in a jar, the children’s Christmas crafts and the new addition of our Santa logs; even with all the disruption I can’t help but get excited...eighteen sleeps to go.

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