5 Black-Owned, UK-Based Businesses to Support

In the celebration and importance of Black History Month we’ve hand-picked 6 of our favourite black-owned businesses to support, from chic ceramics to vegan candles to tie-dye delights and everything in between. Two of the brands we found and love are also based in Wales!

As a homegrown business we’re always keen to support other independents and this year sees the need for it more than ever. We hope you enjoy our favourites and find some new treasures along the way.

The Pelican and the Rose

First up is The Pelican & The Rose, founded in 2015 by Dominique who is half British and half Bajan. The Pelican & The Rose is based in Wales (yay) and is a brand Dominique created from her home - we are sold already. Serving up tie-dye delights from zip hoodies to tees, Dominique is also selling DIY Tie Dye boxes which could be a great gift for you or a loved one.

Shop the collection HERE

Tie Dye Zip Hoodie

Photo: The Pelican and the Rose


Naked Clay Ceramics

Carla Sealey is a ceramicist based in Bedfordshire and after giving up her job and selling her house, she went back to university to gain an art degree. Naked Clay Ceramic was born. 

With a focus on creating natural-style pieces, her collection of minimal style tableware and homeware comes in black stoneware and white porcelain and is absolutely beautiful. 

Using a combination of hand building and slip casting, everything is made by hand in Carla’s studio in Bedfordshire. It just goes to show how taking a leap to switch up your life can become a success and result in happiness. We found a really inspiring article all about Carla and her business HERE.

Shop the collection HERE

Naked Clay Ceramics

Photo: Naked Clay Ceramics


Selfmade Candle

Lighting a candle and sitting back to enjoy its soothing fragrance is one of life’s sweet pleasures. It’s a form of wellness and we will always welcome the opportunity to slow down and take in life’s simple acts. 

We have recently stumbled across Selfmade Candle, a brand founded by Ricki that’s vegan friendly and made in the UK (all hand poured in London). Ricki focuses on creating scents that are familiar and are a reminder of positive experiences. Selfmade also offers an amazing selection of candle making kits which are perfect for Christmas gifting.

Shop the collection HERE.

London based Candle brand

Photo: Selfmade Candle

Goch & Co.

Goch & Co. was founded by Stan and Val Creusailor in May 2012 thanks to their love of chilli sauce and great-tasting foods, Goch & Co. was also inspired by a secret family recipe as well as their rich Southern African heritage. The brand is all made in Wales (which of course, we are so proud of) and ‘Goch’ means red in Welsh, and is ‘slang’ for BBQ in Shona.How clever is that!

They produce chilli sauces, chilli jams, chutney and chilli oils which are all available as gluten-free, vegan, with no artificial additives, colours or preservatives.

Shop the range HERE.

Photo: Goch & Co.

Bespoke Binny

Bold, beautiful and smile inducing - enter Bespoke Binny. Created by Natalie back in 2013, this special brand fuses her love of sewing with vibrant African prints inspired by her Ghanaian heritage. Ever since then Bespoke Binny continues to rise and has been featured in the likes of House Beautiful and Refinery29. 

Whether you’re after some cool new oven mitts or a lampshade with the wow factor, Bespoke Binny will without a doubt add some colour and happiness into your life.

Shop the collection HERE.

Photo: Bespoke Binny

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